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Fight Distorted, Disastrous Thinking, Anxiety, Self Doubt and More!

Banish the Brain Monsters & Find Some Peace!

Sanity Cards are pocket-sized flashcards that help train your brain to avoid unpleasant and unhelpful thought patterns.

Using quirky illustrations and no-BS words of wisdom, each card targets a specific "Brain Monster" - inaccurate, ineffective or painful ways our minds create unnecessary strife and interfere with our personal and professional lives.

A hit with individuals and institutions in the Northeast mental health and recovery communities, these cards can help and amuse anyone, regardless of background or occupation.

Get along better with your brain and the rest of the world.

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Topics featured include:
  • Self Care

  • Catastrophic Thinking

  • Living in the Present

  • Asking for Help

  • Avoiding Unhelpful Judgments

  • Perceptions vs Facts

  • Minimization

  • Losing Sight of the Positive

  • Black & White Thinking

  • Jumping to Conclusions

  • Self Pity

  • Perfectionism

  • Justification

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Rationalization

  • Changing & Fixing Others

  • Shame vs. Guilt

  • The Wise Mind

  • . . . and loads more

Carry a Therapist in Your Pocket!

Convinced the World's Problems are Your Fault?

Pick up a Sanity Card & Get Over It!

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